Thursday, April 7, 2011

Home Interior Design With Pink And Blue Color Motif

Home Interior Design With Pink And Blue Color Motif

INTERIOR DESIGN HOUSE pink and blue Blue in the office have a good impact on the attentiveness of the workers. People are more productive in blue rooms, focused and creative. Navy blue is a dark color that requires careful work in design composition. But used in the right quantities and at appropriate places, home interior design with pink and blue color motif can be a decisive element to improve the design of particularly dull space transformation into an oasis of joy. If you will use blue color to decorate your bedroom, you should always be combined with light, positive colors: white, camel, light beige, light gray, pearl. White and dark blue tiles can make a chess pattern on the floor and for some the perfect decorative accent you can spread some blue tiles in between the white on the wall.

Bathroom vanities Navy blue is rare and quite expensive. If you can not afford them you still have the opportunity to bring a dark blue in the bathroom: vases, curtains, towels and other accessories interior design. And do not forget the mirror, to complement a sense of luxury has been provided by the wealth of blue. Be cautious about using carpet in a blue sea in a room with large windows. Fabrics in direct sunlight they lose color brightness due to UV light beam. If you have windows and very old funds blue carpet and curtains, consider isolating glass windows with a filter UV resistant, because here I have provided several models HOME INTERIOR DESIGN very beautiful and remedy. 

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